Over 1500 Males suicided in Australia this year...

Suicide can be Prevented, find out how you can Increase your awareness, get involved and reduce this Major Epidemic affecting all Australians TODAY!


I want to increase my awareness, get involved and decrease Male suicide in Australia.

Founder - Jim Skivaladas

Dr Jim Skivalidas is a chiropractor in Port Melbourne and had a life changing event happen over 4 years ago. From this I'm Just a Man was born.

Speaker: Christian O’Connell

Christian O’Connell is a husband, a dad, a dog-lover, a football fan and is pretty good at martial arts. He’s also written the best-selling children’s book series Radio Boy!

Speaker: Mark Eustice

Mark Eustice was a successful AFL footballer and businessman but suffered from undiagnosed bi-polar disorder. After his football career and without the nurturing and supportive environment a sports club can provide Mark became clinically depressed.

Now Mark uses his experience to help others. While experts and statistics can help you understand the ever growing issues of mental health and addiction, Mark’s raw and honest story provides a riveting example of how easy it is to fall and what it takes to successfully come out the other side.

Speaker: Duncan Kerr

Duncan is an international sports trainer and trusted strategic-mind in the Australian sports industry. Duncan has worked with the Australian Cricket Team, New South Wales Cricket, Manly Sea Eagles, Sydney Thunder and the Sydney 2000 Olympic team.

Duncan knows how to get the most out of a professional team and manage and motivate talent. and getting the highest output out of people. Duncan will help you better manage and motivate your talent.


Sleep and ‘Suicide’

HI my name is Dr Jim Skivalidas and I am a chiropractor in Port Melbourne, I had a life changing event happen to me over 4 years ago, I suffered anxiety, depression and had the thought of ending my life. I was one of the lucky ones that came through this and I am passionate about every MALE having the opportunity to do the same.

Whether you are struggling with forming an identity for yourself, pressures of earning sufficient income in your business to your own personal health problems. Increasing your awareness of this major problem that is now in epidemic form in Australia and being able to spot it out in the community is a key driver to reducing this.

I’m Just A Man 5 Virtual, The Unboxing of the 5 Gifts of Human Connection

We are excited to announce I’m Just A Man 5. Yes its been a tough a 18 months for many of us. But there are positives. We are reflecting on the first 5 years, looking back, to move forward.

And this year, on our 5th year, it’s an experiential year, where we together open up a box, with 5 gifts – something with great meaning and practical, that reflects our vision and mission, now and the emerging future.

The gifts will represent GRATITUDE, HONOUR, COURAGE, FAITH and GENEROSITY, men and women, humans, side by side as we learn to live with COVID-19.

When is it?

Friday, 19th November 2021
6.15pm – 9.15pm

Speakers include so far Christian O’Connell, who returns, Mark Eustice, AFL and Duncan Kerr, Steve Waugh Foundation as MC. Music from DJ Joshi.

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I want to increase awareness of mental health, get involved and decrease Male suicide and it’s impact in Australia.

What is I’m Just a Man (IJAM)?

I’m Just a Man shifts communications, deepens human connections and provides a space to be ok with being vulnerable and honest.

I’m Just a Man creates a community where everyone belongs while honouring suffering males present and passed, giving them a voice.

I’m Just a Man is a open ongoing conversations with each other, acknowledging the struggling males in our lives of brothers, fathers, colleagues and/or mates.

I’m Just a Man come together through music, inspiring awareness of the male suicide epidemic (mens mental health) and fundraise, with shared lived experiences (Sporting/AFL/Business & Stories).

I’m Just a Man bring together, men, women, humans, and mental health charities ‘side by side’, with integrity.

I’m Just a Man provides a safe, expressive and fun end of year ‘rock n roll’ gala, and ongoing 12 month ‘experiential’ program.

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