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Get insights from some of the leading speakers and ambassadors of Men's Mental Health issues in Australia and Globally!
I want to increase my awareness, get involved and decrease Male suicide in Australia

Paul Roos

Paul Roos has earned a much-acclaimed reputation as an AFL player and AFL Premiership winning senior coach.

An AFL Hall of Fame inductee and the 2005 Australian Sports Coach of the Year, Roos is recognized as a sporting industry expert in building and developing high performance teams.

He has also made his mark as a renowned corporate speaker, television commentator, columnist and author.

Currently, Paul is a partner in Performance by Design. Performance by Design takes the cultural methodologies that are the foundation of his career and implements them at businesses and sporting teams around Australia.

In early 2019, Paul and his wife, Tami, became partners in NurtureGroup hosting business retreats in Fiji with a combined focus on wellness and leadership.

To learn more about Paul Roos visit www.paulroos.com.au

Tami Roos

Earning her PHD in Parapsychic Science with her dissertation on meditation, Tami Roos came to a life-changing realization. And that is alignment with our untapped highest potential is the missing link to a life of fulfillment and well-being.  The tool that leads us there: meditation.

Today as the acclaimed author of Presence to Power: I AM the Gift, Tami offers timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more calm in their life. 

An accomplished keynote speaker Tami addresses audiences ranging from CEO’s looking to embrace more influence, efficiency and professional impact – to those people seeking to access the power mindfulness has to improve their lives.

To learn more about the work of Tami Roos visit www.TamiRoos.com

Dylan Roos

A certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Dylan Roos has lived his entire life surrounded by elite athletes within the Australian sporting world.

Using the knowledge he has accumulated, along with his passion for helping others, Dylan, is a dedicated health and performance coach.

Dylan also runs specialized programs,working with men in the ever changing landscape surrounding what it is to be masculine; “it is important to not forget what true, healthy masculine behavior looks like”. Running a blog based solely around “The Modern Man” and launching a podcast in the second half of 2019; Dylan is dedicated to helping young boys grow into young Men whilst also debunking myths surrounding masculinity.

To learn more or work with Dlyan Roos visit www.dylanrooscoaching.com

    Jeremy Macvean

    Jeremy Macvean breathed a sigh of relief when the teacher of his male-only antenatal class advised “To be a good dad, turn up and try”.

    So that’s what Jeremy’s been doing ever since. Turning up to invest time and emotional energy into himself and his marriage with Emily. Turning up to the birth of his three girls, without fainting. Turning up to family holidays, despite them not being the slightest bit relaxing.

    Turning up to build tribes of healthier, happier men through his work with the Movember Foundation. And through his business, Radiate, turning up to share his two decades of marketing and digital communication experience with the likes of Southern Cross Austereo, Peter Mac, The Women’s Hospital and Telstra Health.

    Of every role Jeremy has ever played, fatherhood brings him by far the most joy, and is also by far the most challenging.

    Learn more about Jeremy Macvean at www.the-father-hood.com

    Mikey Lee

    Founder of ‘Island of Men’. Corporate Wellness Consultant. Speaker and Master MC.

    A corporate come spiritual, social entrepreneur that loves all things wellness and is dedicated to his life mission – to radiate love and share healing and wellness with the world. Whether sharing his passion for deep heart connection within the corporate world or with the men of ‘The Island’, Mikey remains committed to a belief that humans thrive when connected with self, each other and nature.

    The founder of The Island of Men, Mikey enjoys nothing more than to inspire and be inspired by the magic that exists in this world. Mikey is a man that is living his purpose, building communities that are aligned with a vision of a changing cultural paradigm that promotes openness, truth and freedom of expression, always. 

    Learn more about Mikey Lee at www.islandofmen.com

    Dr Jim Skivaladis

    HI my name is Dr Jim Skivalidas and I am a chiropractor in Port Melbourne, I had a life changing event happen to me 3 years ago, I suffered anxiety, depression and had the thought of ending my life. I was one of the lucky ones that came through this and I am passionate about every MALE having the opportunity to do the same.

    Whether you are struggling with forming an identity for yourself, pressures of earning sufficient income in your business to your own personal health problems. Increasing your awareness of this major problem that is now in epidemic form in Australia and being able to spot it out in the community is a key driver to reducing this. Join me at the 2nd I’m just a man event where we can continue the conversation is an educational, connected and fun way.  For more information click here


    Braith Bamkin

    Braith Bamkin is the Executive Director of BNI Melbourne Central as well as an engaging trainer and public speaker covering topics from Networking, Referral generation, Target Market and Human Connectivity.   

    With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters in Marketing, Braith is also a certified Laugh Yoga Leader and practitioner.

    Braith career includes working for Nokia, Telstra and 3 Mobile.  Braith eventually moved into the bedding retail industry building the brand “Regal Sleep Solutions” so has a unique business perspective as both a corporate employee and business owner. 

    Braith is passionate about business owners achieving their maximum potential and enthusiastically shares his knowledge with audiences around the globe.

    Learn more about Braith Bamkin at www.braithbamkin.com.au

    Dr. Zac Seidler

    Dr. Zac Seidler is a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Health Practitioner Training at Movember.
    Zac has devoted the past 5 years to the goal of reducing the staggering male suicide rate, treating and researching men’s mental health. Zac has worked clinically with men of different ages and presentations from adolescents in Darwin with early psychosis to older HIV+ men struggling with adjustment.
    Currently, Zac is creating the world’s first online program to train mental health practitioners in how to better understand and respond to men’s distress. Zac has appeared on the ABC and in The Guardian, The Age and Vice for his work.   
    Learn more abourDr. Zac Seidler at www.manisland.com.au

    Jake Edwards - MC

    I have never allowed my knock backs to define the important work that OTLR now represents in the community.

    With over 5,000 current active participants and a direct community positive impact of almost 60,000 people across Australia our program has only been defined by the great team that we have behind our mission and vision.

    If you are reading this and you an idea you want to start. Or perhaps you have a dream job or career. My advice is to just get started. If you are passionate than showing up becomes easy. If you are true to yourself than finding a way becomes the only option. If I had of given up on my dream 3 years ago I would not have been able to save almost 600 lives through our program and I am sure there are many more that we just do not know about.

    Nikki Fogden-Moore - MC

    Known as the Mojo Maker for high achievers, Nikki specialises in working with super driven individuals and companies to find the ultimate blend of healthy, wealthy and wise for effortless success.

    “Think Like A CEO, Plan Like A Visionary, Act Like A Buddha®” – Nikki Fogden-Moore

    Not your average coach. Nikki’s decades of experience lies in truly blending both business with personal high performance for ultimate success.

    A speaker, author and lifestyle expert, Nikki specialises in working with Founders, Fortune 500 CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and highly-driven organisations. The true one-percenters. Those who are dedicated, driven and yet still striving for that ultimate balance in sustainable performance and purpose.

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    The I’m Just a Man Gala Ball provides a wonderful opportunity for you to partner with an amazing cause, created to raise much needed awareness around men’s issues, especially suicide.

    With your help, we will be able to reach more men before it becomes too late.

    I’m Just a Man sponsorship packages are designed to increase your visibility to our event audience and include benefits that extend your exposure beyond the event.

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    Corporate sponsors play a vital role in the success of the I’m Just a Man Gala Ball.

    With support from partners like you, we can continue to make a meaningful difference in reducing the astronomical suicide rates of men in our world.

    Over 1500 Males suicided in Australia this year...

    Suicide can be Prevented, find out how you can Increase your awareness, get involved and reduce this Major Epidemic affecting all Australians TODAY!


    I want to increase my awareness, get involved and decrease Male suicide in Australia.

    Founder - Jim Skivaladas

    Dr Jim Skivalidas is a chiropractor in Port Melbourne and had a life changing event happen over 4 years ago. From this I'm Just a Man was born.

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