IJAM 7 Launch and R U OK? Day.

Today is R U OK? Day. R U OK? Day forms a very important part of I’m Just A Man’s Vision and our SIDE Vision and the calendar years importance of checking in on each other’s mental health.

What mask are you wearing today?

What mask are you wearing today?

R U OK? day is to inspire people to check in on their family members, friends, colleagues, and even strangers, by simply asking, “Are you OK?”.

This straightforward question can be a powerful catalyst for meaningful discussions about mental health, creating a supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their feelings and seeking help if needed.

R U OK? Day serves as a reminder of the importance of connection and empathy in the ongoing efforts to combat stigma and promote mental health understanding and support.

With just under 3 months until I’m Just A Man 7 Gala – The Masquerade, Friday November 24th at the Park in Albert Park.

Here are 3 ways to get involved with our sponsorship programs and support the IJAM vision of mental health advocacy, men and women, humans, side by side.

There are benefits to those who are able to provide the much needed sponsorship to make our next gala a success and experience that you, the community will never forget

We have an exciting lineup of speakers and music for the night.


I’m Just a Man, men and women, humans, side by side.

Kind regards

Jim, Anna and Team at I’m Just A Man Foundation

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