October is Mental Health Month

October Mental Health Month a time dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and promoting well-being.

In this month of reflection and support, it is essential to recognize the intricate connection between our emotions and mental health. Emotions are a fundamental aspect of the human experience, and they can be categorised into 6 basic emotions:

  1. happiness,
  2. sadness,
  3. anger,
  4. fear,
  5. disgust,
  6. and surprise.

What mask are you wearing today?

Anxiety and depression, two prevalent mental health conditions, often involve disruptions in these emotional states. Anxiety can manifest as an overwhelming sense of fear and apprehension, while depression can lead to prolonged periods of sadness and reduced capacity for happiness. Understanding and managing these basic emotions is pivotal in addressing and mitigating the effects of anxiety and depression.

In under 8 weeks, on Friday night, 24th November, The I’m Just A Man 7 ‘Masquerade’ Gala is a night of fun music and real stories, reminds us of the importance of acknowledging our emotions and seeking support when needed to ensure emotional well-being and our legacy S.I.D.E. community vision. What mask and emotion will you unveil?

Have you bought a ticket or bought a table of ten?

I’m Just a Man, men and women, humans, side by side.

Kind regards

Jim, Anna and Team at I’m Just A Man Foundation

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