Greetings IJAM community

How is the month marching on so far :)?

What does international womens day mean for you?

For us the big vision when we first started Im Just A Man the gala event, primarily was focussed on mens mental health. It quickly evolved to, an event and foundation of men and women, together, in the space of sharing about mental health, with a focus around mens mental health statistics of anxiety, depression and suicide rates. Both men and women, suffer from mental health challenges, and some people may not know, more women attempt to suicide than men (J Affect Disord 2022 Aug 15;311:157-164. May 19, 2022. Why are women more likely to attempt suicide than men? Analysis of lifetime suicide attempts among US adults in a nationally representative sample)

Our vision is that the men/males in our lives is a someone’s partner (a wife or girlfriend), someone son (a mother or father), someone’s brother (to a sister and/or brother) or nephew (to an auntie or uncle)

Throughout the 6 years of doing the gala and setting up the foundation, the women, the females may have also experienced their own suffering, as well as being on the journey with family/friends who are experiencing the challenges around mental health. We’ve had many mothers speak about their family/friend losses.

Please check in on someone today if you can and support our charity by donating to

Kind regards
Anna and Jim

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